On Tuesday this week I demonstrated a basic slanting arrangement for my new students. I have used a variagated pitosporum and a deep pink alstromeria. I'm afraid the length of the Hikea is lost due to foreshortening in this photo'.

I have back at work for four weeks. So as July comes to an end I have been able to remind myself of my time in Japan. How? On Sunday we had our first party since returning from Japan to welcome friends and family into our house. 

I made the arrangement below by interlacing some monstera leaves in a large ceramic bowl by Graeme Wilkie. I wanted to create a feeling of height in this corner of the living room by the windows. As I didn't have any really long stemmed flowers to use as an accent I placed three dried aspidistra leaves to lighten the tangle of the leaves. (Yes you have seen them before.)

In the evening the aspidistra leaves were brightened by a small spotlight.

This arrangement below was challenging because of the busy background of the sideboard. I decided a mass would work better than lines in this situation. I have used seed pods of a euclyptus, the yellow blossom is acacia longifolia, and the purple flowering vine is a kennedia, all plants from our garden. I have added some alstromeria that I had bought as their colour complimented the kennedia. The unusually shaped ceramic vessel is by Nakamura Yutaka. I created a cross bar fixture running from the corners of the vessel to support the materials.

Because the wattle didn't last particularly well I removed it and  reworked the arrangement in the evening. I had not been happy with the mass of the eucalyptus seed pods and made it lighter.

I'm sorry these pictures are rather grainy. It may be because I took them under poor lighting conditions. I'll try again if I get a chance later in the week.

I have just received an email from a friend, Ohki Yoshiya, whom I got to know when I was at the Sogetsu school. You might like to look at his new blog, the address is:

This is a picture of his work that I included in my Journal in mid April that you might remember.

Greetings from Christopher
31st July 2011


  1. wonderful, Christopher. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing and introducing my blog.
    I like the arrangement with monstera .
    The container also looks wonderful and looks like going well with it.
    Besides that color correspond to that of dried leaves.