As we were walking along the cliff tops a couple of days ago I noticed several seabirds wheeling about. 

In the picture below the bird on the left is being chased as it has a piece of fish in it's beak.

Then I saw that they were fighting over a dead crab and I think some fish as well. 

There was a fisherman nearby who may have discarded the fish.

Further along the cliff top I came across this dainty little climbing plant with small blue flowers. It has used the larger bush behind it to climb up.The leaves and stems are so fine that you only notice the plant in spring when it comes into flower for a few weeks.

Many of the vases I have are symmetrical and a few are large.  So when I was in Japan I decided I should try to buy some smaller vases and I also looked for some that were irregular in shape. I found this interesting small vase in Mashiko. It is shaped a little like an iron.

I was pleased to discover today that it could be placed on it’s side and remain stable. I have created a small ‘massed‘ arrangement using a single stem of Echium. It seems a bit like cheating to use this flower spike that is already a mass. However, I like the way the flower spike picks up the blue on the side of the vase and the compact form it creates echoing the shape of the vase in reverse.

Greetings from Christopher
9th October 2011

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  1. Christopher, what a wonderfully simple and elegant arrangemnent. You are so talented. We have a three day weekend this week so might get a chance to do some arranging here. Michael and I are traveling to North Carolina soon for a break and hope to find a few pieces of wood fired ceramics there. The area is well known for its crafts and ceramics. Love the small blue flowers. The cliff walk you both took me on was the best. Best to you both, Michael