This week I noticed that the Australian clematis (clematis microphylla) I showed you in August was now producing it's fluffy seed heads. Below is a close-up photo of the flowers on our fence taken back in August.

At this time of year the vine looks especially lovely when the seed heads are lit by sunlight coming from behind. Unfortunately when I took these pictures yesterday it was cloudy. The first picture shows the seed head's silvery tassels as they are beginning to become like balls of cotton wool.

Here is a mass of them in a more developed state.

In our garden I noticed the first Strelitzia flower had opened. It has been slightly damaged by today's rain. Notice the strange leaves of this variety. They are like spears and have only the tiniest leaves that are like a small groove at the tip of the stem.

Here is a close-up of one of the leaves. The stems are useful in ikebana for designs with straight lines.

This week I also noticed some Dock Weed 'curly dock'(rumex crispus) growing wild in the creek nearby. At this time of year it often turns a wonderful intense red or pink. I thought it would go well in this Japanese lacquered basket. A neighbour gave me the 'rock rose' (Cistus) flowers that seemed to complement the Dock. 

A new student has joined my class this term so I made this basic upright arrangement for her using the yellow calistemon and two banksia flowers from the garden.

Greetings from Christopher
30th October 2011

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