This week I participated in the annual exhibition Victorian Branch of the Sogetsu School which was held at a gallery in the former Kew Courthouse in Melbourne. The exhibition will be up for a week until Thurday 24th. Because of the length of time I had to consider what materials I could use that would survive for a week and hopefully still look alright on the last day. At home I experimented with some palm tree spathes (that cover the flower heads). These are quite woody and attractive in both form and colour. I thought they would go well on this large platter.

I was happy with my early plans 'though I must admit that this was not as stable as it needed to be for a public gallery. I also realised that the patter is extremely heavy and therefore rather impractical under the circumstances. After reconsidering the situation I then chose a large bowl by Graeme Wilke. I found by placing an interestingly twisted piece of driftwood across the bowl I could angle the spathes over the bowl with their ends being wedged under the lip at the edge. I chose three King Protea flowers because their soft grey-pink complemented both the spathes and the bowl. I have used camellia leaves to give the work a feeling of freshness, knowing they will last well. 

My work was sited in a foyer where people would walk past it and view it through 120 degrees. So, I placed the three flowers so that only two are visible at a time, except for one particular narrow angle.

This is a broader view of the foyer showing my arrangement in the context of some other works. 

This is a general view of the larger gallery. The space has windows on one side only. We placed screens against these windows to better show the works. The other walls are covered in black velvet curtains. The room contains 'stage lighting' so some of the works were bathed in blue light that makes it hard to photograph. 

There was a great variety of works that made for an interesting exhibition and I must say the quality of the work was of very high standard with good attention to detail. Next week I will show some of the individual arrangements.

Greetings from Christopher
20th November 2011

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