This morning (Saturday 12th November) I walked on the beach early. The sun's rays at a low angel lit the scene brilliantly. This is the Torquay Surf  Beach. Notice the rocks at the point.

Here is a close-up of one of those rocks. On the right side of the picture is a small arch through the rock with a deep pool underneath.

The tide is still going out and there is some water dripping from the top of the arch making lovely rings on the water. 

This is Jan Juc Beach with Bell's Beach and Pt Addis in the distance.

The cloud shadows moving across the cliff face made them look more interesting. I would have liked to take a video of the effect. However, the videos don't work well on the blog and some people can't see them at all.

In the garden some more of the Strelitzia flowers have opened.

They really do look like some strange bird. I'm looking forward to using some for ikebana soon.

This callistemon (C Subulatus, I think) has very dense flowers and quite fine leaves. We planted this bush only three years ago so these are the first flowers. The better rains this year has made the bush thicken up and double in height.

My teacher set us a particularly interesting exercise this week. An arrangement using roses and dried or bleached material. The leaves are Monstera leaves that I had used about five months ago and I have left lying on the ground. They have become quite silvery on the surface that was facing up and getting bleached by the sun. The roses are bourbon looking in form. I bought them from the local florist. This contrast of silvery grey and pink seems to work well.

I demonstrated a basic slanting (reversed) moribana arrangement for my new student on Thursday. I have used copper beech branches and some yellow roses tipped with red. 

Greetings from Christopher 
12th November 2011

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  1. Christopher, I love both arrangements. The silver grey monstera with the pink is very handsome. Love your pictures of your beach. Remembering fondly the walk to town along it. Hope you both are well! Warmest regards, Michael.