Summer seems to have come at last, Melbourne is expecting five days in a row of temperatures in the 30's. Torquay is full of summer visitors and the beaches are busy. This was the scene on the Front Beach at 4.30pm on Friday. Because of the southerly breeze it was cooler on the coast. Probably in the mid 20's when I took the picture.

From Pt Danger it looked like this. You may notice two people in the mid-ground walking down the lawn with their surfboards.

These unusual tiny pink berries gleam with the late afternoon sun coming through them. The berries vary from pale pink through to dark maroon. They grow on the sand dunes and I'm fairly sure are  'Fragrant Saltbush' (Rhagodla parabolica). 

This bright orange Eucalyptus Ficifolia (from Western Australia) is growing in the front garden of our next-door neighbour. The tree, which is visible from our terrace, is about twenty feet high and blazes in the late afternoon sun. 

And so to New Year.

I made a New Year welcoming arrangement in the entrance of our house in a large Shigaraki vessel. I have used pine, Christmas Lilies and added some red and white 'mizuhiki' (Japanese coloured strings) to create a celebratory atmosphere.  

In the living room I used some more Lilies in this cylindrical vase made at Qdos. The branch is from an apple tree and was given to me by a local friend and skilled gardener, Ann-Marie Sullivan. It has some beautiful mustard coloured lichen that contrasts with the freshness of the green and white of the lily flowers.

Best wishes for the New Year 2012.


  1. What a nice welcome! With the picture taken from outside the entrance you really get the feeling of being invited in by the flowers. Thanks for sharing, and many good wishes for the year to come. I've been looking for mizuhiki to use for New Years, but it seems impossible to get in Norway. For the next year I think I'll try ordering on internett. Where do you by yours?

  2. Christopher, Love the pictures of your beaches and of your elegant entranceway with your New Year's arrangement. Your home is so wonderful. I hope to be able to create such a peaceful environment some day. Happy 2012 to both you and Laurie. Hope it brings you both much happiness and good health. Yours, Michael and Michael