During this week we went for a drive down the coast toward Lorne and had a picnic lunch on the beach about 15 kilometres away at Urquhart's Bluff. In spite of the bright sunshine the wind was strong and cool when I took this picture. 

We sheltered  in the lea of the cliff when we had our lunch and I was fascinated to see some sedimentary clays in the cliff base that had  close alternating lines of terracotta-red, pink and cream. 

It reminded me of the design on the vase I used last week. Although Pippin Drysdale took her inspiration from distant views of the 

Near by I noticed these small flowering succulent plants growing in the sand. Caught among the plant in the centre of the image are two  seeds of some Marram Grass. This plant was introduced to Australia to help stabilise sand-dunes and has now become a weed. 

Below is a picture I took of a large mass of seeding Marram Grass in Tasmania a year ago.

On Tuesday, this week it was hot and windy, 39 degrees. The scabiosa in the garden is going to seed and looking rather 'leggy'. So, when I pruned it, I picked these flowers to make this naturalistic freestyle massed arrangement. There were only maroon flowers at the time and when I look at the arrangement now I feel that it would be improved by a couple of contrastingly coloured flowers. The bowl was made by Graeme Wilkie of Qdos and has been twice fired. The inner surface has a pale celadon glaze that has dribbled attractively on the outer surface.

Greetings from Christopher
21st January 2012

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