This week I decided to make a Mazeshashi of summer grasses. All of them have been collected within 300 meters of the house and are native to the area (with the exception of the Dock). I think this work has the feel of the dry Australian summer and is therefore less lush than when a Mazeshashi is made of grasses in Japan. I don’t know what they are all called but included are: bullrush, Downs nut grass (which looks a little like umbrella grass) common reed (which has a flower head like Miscanthus) and dock. 

To accentuate the feeling of dryness I have placed most of the dryer material on the left side of the work and the fresher material on the right side of the arrangement. The head of the bullrush is very dark green and looks like black velvet while the dock leaves have turned a beautiful intense red. The contrasting curling line on the right side is the drying end of one of the leaves of the Downs nut grass.

The unique suiban was made by Graeme Wilkie from Qdos and has a sinuous curving front. 

Greetings from Christopher 
29th January 2012


  1. Nice work Christopher. I like the way you accentuate the dry and the less dry grasses in the arrangement.

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    1. Thank you Jan. This posting is rather a while ago. But it is good to know that people still look at the older posts.