LINES with BERRIES from New Zealand

On Wednesday this last week Laurie and I travelled to New Zealand for the first time. We are taking a fortnight’s holiday and I will be attending three days of ikebana workshops in the largest city, Auckland, next week while Laurie soaks up some of New Zealand’s culture. In the meantime we have been exploring the region north of Auckland. The first thing that Australian’s notice about our neighbouring country is that it is very green and lush compared to our home and the second thing for most of us, is that it is very mountainous. It is almost a northern hemisphere kind of beauty.

On the road.

In the forest.

Beautifully textured bark of a Kauri tree.

The arrangement I have created this week is from three branches of, roadside-gathered, orange berries from which I have trimmed all but one leaf. I have arranged them in an unusual ceramic vase I bought that has a light turquoise blue glaze splashed over a matt white slip. I liked the sinuous line of the branches and the contrast of the orange and turquoise. I have balanced the lines with a small mass of two leaves of the same material.

Greetings from Christopher 
12th February 2012

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  1. I am so envious of your trip. I have promised myself the next II Regional conference in NZ, I will be there. Hope you are enjoying your workshops. Best to you and Laurie. Love the vase / arrangement. Regards, Michael