This week at the Wintergarden exhibition the theme is emphasising 'mass'. This was something of a challenge when we were doing work from the 'variations' of Book 1-2. However, as the examples of  the freestyle work below show, we enjoyed our individual interpretations of the exercise.

Ellie Welkamp made a mass of pink proteas and contrasted it with the mass  of lines from a palm spathe.onaxa

Christine Denmead made a mass using eucalyptus leaves.

Maureen Duffy created a mass from bunched sword grass with a single strelitzia flower peeking out of the mass.

Nola Bird made this mass from a variegated giant reed (arundo donax).

From Book one I made this slanting variation of Banksias from our garden. I made a mass of the flowers and seed pods to the right of the centre of the work and removed most of the leaves from the branches on each side to contrast with the mass. The cylindrical vase is by Graeme Wilkie of Qdos Gallery.

For a larger freestyle work I created a mass from the unopened 'buds' of Yate (Eucalyptus lehmannii)
and three of its green, mop like, flowers that had opened. I re-used the willow from last week, cut down to encircle the mass of the yate. The high shouldered vase is by Sergio Sill, an artist potter from New South Wales.

Greetings from Christopher.
13th May 2012

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