On Friday 4th May my students and I participated in a joint exhibition at the Wintergarden gallery in Geelong with an artist, Noel Broadway, who makes works on paper. His drawings and paintings are inspired by his visits to Japan. The exhibition runs for the month of May so we will have to change our work each week, with a different theme each week. As this is our first exhibition in Geelong we are making work from the beginning of the Sogetsu curriculum as well as the advanced part of the curriculum. This week we created ikebana works in which we emphasised the element of line.

The Wintergarden is an arts space housing an upper gallery and studio, a jewellery studio, a gift shop, a nursery and a cafe. The building dates from 1854 and was originally the McKillop St Congregational Church. It has a large interior space two stories high that now is lit by a central skylight that was installed in the building renovations of 1989. Below are some general pictures of the space.

Because of the nature of the space photography was very difficult. Each of the students made one piece that was displayed on a window shelf and a second piece that I have placed a sheet behind to photograph the work. The images below are of the students work in reverse alphabetical order with the book one/two exercise first in the pair. The first two are by Ellie Welkamp.

Christine Denmead.

Maureen Duffy.

Nola Bird.

We also made two larger sculptural pieces. Below is the work of Ellie Welkamp and Christine Denmead.

This work was made by me and Nola Bird. Unfortunately it was impossible to photograph it front on. 

The next two works are by me and were also impossible to get a better picture of even using a backdrop. The first is pine, a branch of 'crazy Filbert', Corylus contorta, and white chrysanthemum. 

This work is stripped 'weeping' willow, rose hip branches, golden chrysanthemum and Japanese maple.

Greetings from Christopher 
5th May 2012

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