The theme for the ikebana exhibition at the Wintergarden this week has been Late Autumn Early Winter. One week ago the weather was very sunny and it was warm when the sunshine streamed in through the windows. The big change occurred on Thursday night when rain and cold wind set in for 24 hours. So our theme was appropriate for the weather.

Helen Quarrell made a freestanding structure to which she added nandina that has gone red in the cold weather.

Christine Denmead used the green spent flower heads of agapanthus in two black suibans.

Ellie Welkamp made an arrangement with bare branches and a single chrysanthemum in a ceramic hot water bottle.

Nola Bird arranged autumn toned Japanese maple with irises and chrysanthemums in a traditional wooden bucket.

Maureen Duffy arranged a single branch of small red pomegranate (oops. I mean Crab apple! (corrected 28th May)) in a modern black vase. (PS. A further amendment, 3rd June, regarding the red fruiting branch in Maureen Duffy's arrangement of last week. Maureen has identified it as a Washington Hawthorn - crataegus phaenopyrum.)

This week Laurie and I were delighted to be visited by our friends Kazuko and Minoru Suzuki from Nagoya. We had afternoon tea at Qdos Gallery in Lorne.

This is a welcoming ikebana arrangement, 'Omukeabana', I made for them using two branches of rose berries and a single white chrysanthemum in a glass vase. 

Greetings from Christopher
27th May 2012


  1. OMG what a collection of arrangments. I have bookmarked your blog felt very glad I found your blog.Will keep visiting.simply enjoyed being here

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am pleased that you have enjoyed the ikebana on my blog. I initially had trouble finding where you made your comment so that I could respond, which is why I am slow in responding. Your comment was published on a posting of May last year. Anyway welcome. If you look at the right hand column you will see that you can become a 'follower' of the blog. Alternatively you can put your email address in the 'submit' box and you will automatically get an update each week when I publish a new post.