On Wednesday I went again to the Japanese Consulate office in Melbourne to continue the project of an arrangement each week for the month of June. This week I created an ikebana in a vessel by Graeme Wilkie of Qdos Gallery in Lorne. I have used a spray of maroon cymbidium orchids and a single large strelitzia leaf.  The orchids pick up the red around the opening of the vessel. Unfortunately the photo makes the arrangement look rather flat. The orchids curve to the front left and the leaf actually twists as it curves to the left rear of the arrangement.  This shows the upper surface of the leaf on the right and the underside of the leaf at the top of the arrangement. 

When I looked at the initial work with my teachers eye I noticed that the leaf was too 'heavy' at the top of the work. So, I have 'lightened' it by splitting it in a couple of places and removing some of the leaf to create some additional space. I think this has improved the overall balance of the work.

I am afraid it is really difficult to get the colour balance right. The first photo is nearer to the true colours of the flowers and vessel.

Greetings from Christopher
16th June 2012

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