The weather has turned particularly wintery during the last week with quite a lot of rain and cold winds. So, my work at the Japanese Consulate office in Melbourne is using bare branches of tortuous willow. 

The work creates the suggestion of the end of winter, or the hope of Spring, by using the fresh green of stems of two strelitzia's rising from the vessel and the warm orange colour of the flower heads just opening. I have used the holes at the front of this box shaped vessel to echo the lines of the willow with a finer line coming from the below the opening. The flowers are placed within the mass of the entwined branches.

The ceramic box-shaped ikebana vessel was created by Nakamura Yutaka from Echizen. I acquired this piece from an exhibition of his work in the Gallery of Takashimaya at Yokohama in June last year. It is a delight to explore how to use this vessel at last.

Greetings from Christopher
23rd June 2012     

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