Since last week a second Acacia Baileyana in our garden has started to come into blossom. This is a prostrate form that has only been available in recent years. The shrub shown below has curving branches, is about 60 cms high and 2 metres across. It looks wonderful cascading down a wall or steep slope.

The photo' below shows some new branches spreading beneath some other bushes and across the ground.

Usually wattle does not last well in a vase so I have been surprised and pleased that the ikebana I made last week is still looking good. I think it is because after cutting them under water I scraped the bottom of the stems for about 3cms. I have also kept it in a cool room.

The work below is a single camellia and stem of Abelia. The small leaf in the middle of the stem picks up the colour of the flower. The eccentric vase is black glazed ceramic which I brought at the Spring Pottery Festival in Mashiko in 2011.

Greetings from Christopher 
29th July 2012

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