As I mentioned last week the winter flowering wattles are coming into spectacular full bloom just now. They look glorious and lift the spirits, especially on a bright sunny day. I thought the dense blossoms would work well as a mass. This work pictured below is inspired by an arrangement made by one of the mature students of the Men's Class that I attended at the Sogetsu Kaikan in Tokyo last year. His material was lilac. Not a plant that is likely to grow well in my garden. The vase is by the ceramic artist Greg Daly (see:

Below is a picture of a three year old Acacia Baileyana in our garden from which I picked the branches. This is a self sown tree that unexpectedly appeared next to the stump of the tree that the seed had come from. These trees usually only live 20 to 25 years.

For a close up picture and more information about this wattle go to:

Greetings from Christopher
22nd July 2012

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