From Wednesday to Saturday of the past week the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International held an exhibition at the Kazari Gallery. The works were varied being from different schools and looked lovely set against Japanese furniture, artefacts and antiques. Unfortunately, this setting made it very difficult to photograph the works and I can only show a limited selection. 

This first ikebana is my me in a vase made by the ceramic artist Sergio Sill from New South Wales. As you can see I have used the birch branches I demonstrated with in my blog entry on 8th July. I have also used 'Dancing Lady' orchids for the bright yellow that complements the vase and a single green monstera leaf by way of contrast. I think the space beneath the leaf really gives this arrangement a good feeling of lightness. 

This moribana is by Naomi Cullen from the Ichiyo School.

Eugenia Chudacek a fellow Sogetsu School member made this work in an interesting round vase which has a hole in the centre.

This work is by Qui Nguyen from the Ikenobo School.

Glenys Beissel, a Sogetsu School member, made this freestyle using some curled bark and Geraldton Wax Flower.

Jennie Stuart, a Sogetsu School member, made this double shin arrangement.

Eiko Roskam from the Ohara School made this late winter arrangement in a large suiban.

This freestyle is by Helen Novic, Sogetsu School member, using a large blackened branch, red anthuriums and asparagus fern.

This freestyle is by Joan Norbury, a Sogetsu School member, she has used a gold painted branch, Gypsophilia and exquisitely coloured dried lotus leaves in a vase by a Japanese ceramic artist.

Greetings from Christopher
26th August 2012

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