This week we have had some visitors from Barcelona in Spain. We took them to Bells Beach and to see some kangaroos. The day was really cold (10 degrees C) and felt much colder because of a strong icy wind. In spite of that, the sun was shining brilliantly.

These pictures are for the son of my friend Takako in Tokyo

Here is the wild life, observe the wattle in the background,

 and the tourists enjoying the spectacle. 

I made the ikebana below to welcome our guests. I have used some arum lilies and leaves in a circular blue ceramic suiban. The arrangement was placed on a shelf on the very left hand side of a wall in our living room. This meant that it was viewed from directly in front and from the right hand side. Paying attention to the viewing angle of ikebana becomes very important when it is placed in a room. Below is the direct front view.

This view is when the work is seen from further to the right.

I was particularly happy with the wavy lines on the edges of the leaves and the space that showed between them in the 'front' view. The right hand leaf dips into the water which looked fine in the house but not good in the photos.

Greetings from Christopher 
18th August 2012

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  1. Hello Christopher.
    Thank you for the pictures. My son is very pleased with seeing the big wave. I am always looking forward to seeing your blog. I like your arrangement. The wavy lines on the leaves are beautiful. It looks like Bells Beach.
    Takako in Tokyo