Recently I came across this wonderful mass of Japonica in a garden near my office. It continues for about eight metres along the fence line of a 70 year old house and is over three metres high. This  must have part of the original planting in the garden. Japonica is a joy to see in the depths of winter, having such beautiful simple flowers and delightful lines on the leafless branches.

In our garden we have a darker red Japonica, that is has finally begun to spread and have enough mass for me to pick some branches.

We now have this white one also, which is flowering for the second time.

This next photo' is a 'basic upright' arrangement, reversed. That is, the materials are placed in the righthand side of the suiban. I have added some Camellia leaves to give some mass in the centre of the work.

The correction for this arrangement is that I have not allowed clear enough spaces between the three principal lines. Also the leafless branches in the photograph disguise the fact that the right and left branches extend forward toward the viewer. (text added 5th Sept).

This freestyle below is made with a single long branch that had a really beautiful shape. I have only done a little pruning of some of the smaller branchlets to emphasise the main line. It looked very striking in this black vase at the end of a corridor.

Greetings from Christopher.
1st September 2012

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