Mister Lincoln

As I mentioned last week my students and I are preparing for the annual combined exhibition of ceramics and ikebana at the Qdos Gallery in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road. The opening of the exhibition is 2.00pm on Sunday 23rd September. Below is a picture of the anagama kiln during its week long cool down phase after the recent five days of firing. We will be making ikebana to go in or with the ceramics from the this years firing.

The kiln is nine meters long and large enough for me to stand upright inside at its highest point. Here is how it looks during the firing with the main door open to feed wood into the base of the kiln. 

The simple arrangement below is of two Mister Lincoln roses from our garden that were the first buds to flower this season. I planted this bush, when we were establishing our garden about 25 years ago, especially for the sweet apple-like fragrance of the flowers.

This image of the same work on a sideboard is more accurate to the colours of the flowers. The beaker shaped bizen vase is one that I bought at Gora near Hakone last year, it was made by Ishida Kazuya from Okayama.

Greetings from Christopher (at Qdos Kiln)
15th September 2012

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