MORE AGAVE ( and Xanthorrhoea)

Last week Leonora from Ottawa admired the photos of the Australian native flowers I posted, which she commented are so different from the spring flowers in Canada. Here are some more from our garden. The first is an off-white creamy-green callistemon with an upright growth.

Here is a close-up of the same bush.

This is one of many red callistemons and has a weeping growth. As you can see the upper flower is just beginning to open.

Below is a spectacular xanthorrhoea I noticed recently growing in a garden near to our house. The flower spikes must be three meters high. I have never seen one flowering like this in a private garden before as they are notoriously slow growing plants. However they are common in the bush land in our district. 

I took this close-up of some flower spikes I took in the bush to show the tiny white flowers that make up each spike.

As I promised last week I made another ikebana from the agave I took to the workshop last week. I have created a simple form using the natural lines of the material.

This turned out to be a work that can be 'seen from all around'. I really like the surface texture and the beautiful subtle colours that are revealed.

Greetings from Christopher
21st October 2012

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