Late Spring is the season for the most spectacular of the Grevilleas (G. robusta. see: I saw this one in the Domain Gardens in Melbourne and was delighted to be able to take a close-up of the flowers on a low hanging branch.

As you can see this particular Grevillea grows into a substantial tree. The one we planted in our garden has a long way to go!

This week my teacher set a revision exercise from book two of the Sogetsu curriculum. 'Variation five', in this case 'upright'. I have used Magnolia Grandiflora from the garden of my office and two Strelitzia flowers from our garden. The suiban is larger than it looks in the photo and the forward movement of the left and right hand sides of the work is lost with foreshortening. Because the suiban is large this arrangement allows space between the two groups of the material and on the righthand side to show the surface of the water.

Greetings from Christopher 

25th December 2012

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  1. I love the trees you have in Australia. So powerful materials for ikebana. I can tell the size of your oyo 5 arrangement from the Strelitzia flowers. It looks great and it is interesting to see how the materials in the hikae group are placed differently in an oyo 5 than in an ordinary basic.