This large Dracena (I think) caught my attention because of the twisted form of its dead leaves. They are a lovely light brown and have dramatic black markings, perhaps made by water. When they fall from the tree the part of the leaf that attaches to the trunk is a surprisingly bright white. That part reminds me of a lily or an orchid.

In the centre of his photo you can see a dried leaf hanging in a cork-screw shape.

I thought they made an interesting form in this glass vase. Their curves create an attractive movement. The surprise is that they are very brittle which, makes them difficult to arrange as they have no flexibility.

I used the same material in a workshop given by Mr Kawana on the theme of a 'simplified arrangement' in 2009. His correction of the work below was to turn the vase so that the line was coming straight forward and therefore not visible.

Greetings from Christopher (in Torquay on a hot day where it is a sticky 35 degrees Centigrade).

8th December 2012

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