I am writing from Prato in Italy where today the temperature was 9 degrees C. This is a dramatic difference to my home in Torquay where the temperature has been 41 degrees. Laurie and I are on a 10 week holiday in Europe where we have begun with a two week tour led by Professor Bernard Hoffert of Monash University. We are busy, starting early every day to visit galleries, churches and other historical sites.

Unfortunately I have not mastered the new technology of an ipad to be able to show you some pictures from our travels. I hope in the next week or two to be able to do so.

My ikebana arrangement this week is of five 'disbud' chrysanthemums in a shallow bowl by Philip Elson.

Greetings from Christopher 
6th January 2013

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  1. Very simple and beautiful, Christopher. Happy New Year to you and Laurie. Enjoy your 10 weeks in Europe. So envious.