While in Berlin I had the pleasure of meeting Ulrike Vogler (the director Of Sogetsu Berlin Branch) her teacher and their husbands over a delightful evening meal. The weather continued to be cold though most of the snow had gone by the middle of our second week there.

Barcelona is especially famous for this extraordinary building, the Sagrada Familia designed mostly by Gaudi and still under construction. 

We also saw this pavilion by Meies van der Rohe. 

While in Barcelona I was delighted to spend an afternoon with Marta Tiffon and some of her students talking and making ikebana.

This weeks ikebana is of dried poinsettia bracts and leaves that I made in a glass vase that afternoon. I added an extra stem to the bottom of the vase because I felt the design needed connection with the large space under the flowers. 

Greetings from Christopher
14th February 2013

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