The weather has turned wintery again as I write this from London where the maximum temperature today was 3 degrees Celsius. Light snow was falling not long after I took this picture of the bare birch trees in front of the Tate Modern Gallery.

A view of St Paul's cathedral and the Millennium Bridge.

On the first day in London I went to the church pictured below, the Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, in Hampstead, to see an exhibition of ikebana by the London Branch of the Sogetsu School.

This is a general view of the space with beautiful arrangements that had been created on the previous day. It was wonderful to enter this space and be lifted up by the warm colours of the flowers after the  grey outside. 

The exhibition included a demonstration of a basic upright and a slanting nageire arrangement by one of the members of the London Sogetsu Branch.

I have only been able to include photographs of a few of the works. 

Greetings from Christopher
25th February 2013

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