Here are a couple of additional pictures from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Below is a stunning mass of yellow 'Dancing Lady' orchids turned into a flowering tree for the Interflora display. It was placed at the transept of the great hall of the exhibition building.

The mass of pink orchids to the right of the Interflora stand in the previous photo also caught my eye.

Well, in the last week we have had a return to hot weather for a couple of days, so the beach was a place of refreshment. While we are having an Indian Summer our friends in the UK are experiencing a harsh return to wintery conditions.

After all the exotic flowers of the 'Flower Show' it was a return to humbler materials at the class my teacher gave last week. Our task was to make an arrangement focussing on grasses. I decided to use, for the first time, a beautiful basket I had bought in New Zealand last year in which I made a naturalistic work. All of the grasses were collected beside the Yarra River on which the city of Melbourne is situated. I have added some peppercorn berries for their bright pink and some Abelia flowers. 

I find it very satisfying that ikebana enables us to enjoy the rich beauty of these simple materials.

Greetings from  Christopher 
29th March 2013

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  1. Christopher, Stunning grass arrangement. Love your NZ basket. Enjoy your autumn. Thanks for sharing the annual flower show with us. Best, Michael