I was delighted to receive an email from a Japanese friend last week who had looked at the previous weeks post with her children. She wrote to me saying: 'We were surprised to look at the very interesting animal like a Kenzan''. What a great description, I thought! To my surprise this afternoon when I came home from a walk here was the echidna again, this time on my garden path. I have only once before seen an echidna in the garden. Because they have very poor vision I was able to get some close-up photos by keeping very still.

Here it is walking through the leaf litter looking for ants. 


Earlier in the day I was walking through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and noticed this bright red Virginia creeper on the old house that used to be the residence of the Director of the gardens.

At a distance I could see that some of the creeper had engulfed the trunk of a large tree. This photo is taken with a zoom lens so it is not quite so clear.

Once again the subject of my ikebana is Autumn. My teacher set 'using berries or fruiting branches' as the exercise at last weeks class. The bottle shaped vase is from Mashiko. I was pleased how well the reds of the berries and grapevine and the yellow of the Dancing Lady Orchid went with this vase. 

Greetings from Christopher
28th April 2013

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  1. Thanks Chris. I must agree with you that the colours compliments each other really well. The yellow of the Orchid really brings out the green glaze of the vase. In Norway we are still waiting for spring, so autumn colours seems a bit far out. What a good reminder that my experience is never the same as other people's, and that ikebana is always here and now.