A couple of weeks ago I needed to cut a branch of a Yate (eucalyptus lehmannii) that was overhanging the roof. The photo below shows the top part of the tree,

Here is a close up of some flowers on the branch in the previous photo. To the upper left you can see an unopened flower with the operculum (the finger-like coverings) still over the stamens.

This is a flower on another branch. I always think they look like a green dish mop.

A few days later we were invited to some friends' house for dinner. I stripped two branches of their leaves, cut the ends so that they would stand when inverted and then removed some of the unopened flowers. I knew the strength of this beautiful material would go well on my friends' sideboard against the textured wall.

On the higher part of the branches you can see the seed pods that form after the flowers have finished.

Greetings from Christopher
12th May 2013

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