This week I set my students the exercise of making an arrangement using autumn leaves. I asked them to 'use their imagination' because I find the beauty of the leaves tempts me to simply use them naturalistically. I wanted the students to think beyond the obvious. I gathered some plane tree leaves in Melbourne and discovered the ones that had fallen into bushes had more interesting shapes whereas those on  the pavement were all flat. 

I have used a single branch of pittosporum (pittosporum undulatum), an Australian native tree, from which I have removed all the leaves to show the bright orange berries. I massed the berries by entwining all the smaller branchlets. 

(Today is officially the second day of winter in Victoria)

Greetings from Christopher
2nd June 2013


  1. Hello. I love this arrangement. I felt something powerful in this work.

  2. Dear Takako,
    thank you for your comment. I number of people have said to me that they like the way the leaves make such an interesting mass.