At our last class my teacher set us a revision exercise of the Variation No3 slanting nageire: that is, in a tall vase. As I was walking by the Yarra River in Melbourne I noticed an oak with a particularly good branch and thought it would go well with the chrysanthemums I had used at the Ikebana International meeting on the previous day (see last weeks posting).

In this variation the long shin branch on the left is balanced by the soe branch on the right. In the photo this looks a little flat, but the two branches are reaching toward the viewer. The hikae flowers occupy the space between them and I have placed one toward the back to give a feeling of depth. The large black vase, that belongs to my partner, is by Alistair Whyte (follow link) a Melbourne based ceramic artist who has studied in Japan.

Greetings from Christopher
22nd June 2013


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