This week I had some visitors who were unfamiliar with Ikebana so I thought I would make an arrangement of the most basic moribana (flat bowl) kind for them. I think the beauty of these simple designs in ikebana clearly illustrate the elements of line, mass and space. Also they show the asymmetry of the design and reveal the surface of the water as being integral to the work.

I chose a native small leafed shrub called pomaderris (p. paniculosa) that grows on the nearby cliff tops where it often looks as though it has been pruned by the wind. The shrub on the right side of the photo below is a pomedarris.

There are some close-up pictures of it if you click here. I used some red lipped orange roses as the floral accent and felt they went well with the dark green and the soft brown underside of the leaf

Greetings from Christopher
7th June 2013

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