Over the last week Laurie and I have travelled nearly 2000 kms north to Brisbane. We drove through the centre of New South Wales which is very flat and generally dry as you can see from the photos below.

If you look carefully in the bottom left of this photo below you can see the Parkes Radio-telescope.

Inland from the Gold Coast of south east Queensland we also stayed with some friends where we visited a rainforest nature reserve.

The rainforest was on Mt Tamborine which is relatively cool and wet and where the camellias flourish.

Before we left Torquay our Cootamundra wattle (acacia baileyana) came into full bloom.

I was keen to use it for this ikebana in a box-shaped vessel by Julie Shaw a ceramic artist from Ocean Grove, near Torquay. By the time we return to Victoria the blossom will be nearly finished.

Greetings from Christopher
Mt Tamborine
27th July 2013

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