After some research I can reveal that the large dried fig leaf in last week's arrangement was Ficus dammaropsis from Papua New Guinea. The leaves can grow to about 60cms. Here are a couple of photos.

A few weeks ago we were invited to the christening of the new baby daughter of some of our friends. We were delighted to be given a long stemmed rose each as we left the church. The flowers lasted well, so I made this small arrangement using some pine left over from my Tanabata arrangement.

I have used a small egg-shaped vase that I bought in Seto City in Japan in 2006.

My teacher set us an exercise of a horizontal arrangement using dried material as the principal subject. I found some dried branchlets from the huge flower stem of a 'blue' Agave americana. They look like antlers and I thought such visually strong material went well with the burnt orange lilies in this large black vase by Alistair Whyte that I also used on 22nd June.

Greetings from Christopher
20th July 2013


  1. Beautiful arrangements, Christopher. Such excellent teachers you have and have had and such a talent you have cultivated. I wish that someday you join FaceBook. There are lots of people that would enjoy your work there. Would you mind if I shared your blog with them?

  2. lovely arrangements christopher.I liked the pine arrangement.Those dried agave branches are nice but it is hard to get
    yeah I too feel you must join FB
    thanks for sharing