At class recently my teacher set a 'simple arrangement' as the exercise. This was interesting because it was not an arrangement that was made then simplified. From the start it needed to be uncomplicated. I felt that it would work better to use strong and distinctive material. For the first ikebana I used a large dried leaf of a fig (sorry, unidentified type) and a single large white chrysanthemum. The vase is a stainless steel cone with holes of differing sizes. 

My second work for the class was single branch of Yate (eucalyptus lehmannii) with two flowers. This is from the tree in our garden as used also on the 29th June blog posting.The vase is by Barry Singleton, a ceramic artist from Castlemaine in Victoria. This work required some ikebana mechanics so that the stem arises from the centre of the vase and does not lean against the edge nor does it touch the bottom of the vase.

Greetings from Christopher

13th July 2013

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