This week my students and I visited the Qdos Gallery in Lorne to see the ceramic works in progress in anticipation of our annual exhibition. It is important to see the forms and their scale to help us to prepare ikebana that with 'marry' with them. So now our serious preparations must begin. 

The Qdos anagama kiln.

The photo below is of Graeme Wilkie, ceramic artist, and my friend Michael, in the Qdos Studio shop.

Most ikebanists in Australia end up with collections of branches and various dried materials that 'may be useful one day' in their gardens or garages. This requires the support and forbearance of anyone else who shares the household (thank you Laurie).  

So I have been inspecting my students collections and discussing design ideas for the September exhibition.

The tenth annual exhibition of ikebana and ceramics at the Qdos Gallery, Allenvale Rd Lorne, will be opened on Sunday 22nd of September 2013 by the Japanese Consul-General to Victoria Mr Hidenobu Sobashima.

This weeks ikebana is a small arrangement I made with a single stem of camellia at a recent meeting of Ikebana International Melbourne. The celedon glazed vase is by Ann Geroe.

Greetings from Christopher
24th August 2013

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