We are back again to the south coast of Victoria, a return to much cooler weather and the typical strong winds of later winter and early spring. The Brisbane/Goldcoast Branch of the Sogetsu School is to be congratulated on its 50th anniversary and the celebratory activities the members created. (See my last two postings).

I took these photos a few weeks ago on a sunny but cold day. The first four are in a near-by nature reserve.  

Pink Heath (Epacris impressa), Victoria's floral emblem, glowing in the winter sunlight.

The next two photos are of Correas that were beside the path shown above. We have both the pink and green form in our garden.

This week I was pleased to see that my Japanese Flowering Quince (Chaenomeles) had more flowers than last month. 

I made the ikebana below using some red flowering branches. After a week in the vase the new buds were progressively paler as they opened.

This next ikebana is one I made for our friends Heather and John, when we had dinner at their house. The vase is glass and it is back lit by sunshine reflected from the floor tiles.

Greetings from Christopher
17th August 2013

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