The exhibition was opened on 22nd September by Mr Hidenobu Sobashima, Consul-General of Japan, Melbourne. Last week I posted photos of the smaller works in the exhibition. This year the ceramic artist, and owner of Qdos gallery Lorne, Graeme Wilkie created large unique sculptural forms in clay. The first photo shows Graeme installing four ceramic sculptures on the wall of the middle of the three levels of the gallery.

Creating ikebana works to complement these ceramics meant we had to work on a large scale and extend into the realm of installation sculpture using materials that can last for the two weeks of the exhibition without water. 

View from the gallery looking through the doorway into the foyer and the restaurant beyond.

Installation in the foyer was created by me using boobialla (myoporum insulare), magnolia leaves and red cane.

The next  photos are of work on the lower of the three levels in the gallery. The pink flowers are from Western Australia, unfortunately their name is unknown. 

This suspended sculpture by Christine Denmead is made from grape vine with large bamboo shoot coverings attached to the side.

This is an end on view of the same work.

Helen Quarrell, assisted by Maureen Duffy created this floating sculpture with Mop Top Tree (robinia pseudoacacia) branches.

In this photo the branches above are reflected in the surface of the water.

I have placed a growing tip from a blue agave on the ceramic sculpture below. The sculpture had a patch of blue glaze that is not visible in this photo.

The two installations below are on the upper level of the gallery, using weeping mulberry  (morus alba). I chose this material to mirror the curves in these large ceramic pieces by Graeme Wilkie.

The ikebana team at the end of our fourth day of preparations in the gallery. From the left: Helen Quarrell, Nola Bird, Christopher James, Christine Denmead, Ellie Welkamp and Maureen Duffy.

Greetings from Christopher

28th September 2013


  1. Wonderful art works. I love your talents and that of your students. Graeme's works are breathing and you all have shown them to great advantage. Best, Michael

  2. Thank you Michael. It is great to share this exhibition on-line with people who otherwise would never see it. Best wishes Christopher