I was in the Geelong Botanic Gardens this week and couldn't resist having my photo taken in front of this very old and beautiful 'tea tree'. The same branch material that I used in last weeks ikebana.

My students and I are continuing our preparations for the exhibition at the Qdos Gallery in Lorne which will be open from 22nd September to the 6th October.  Here is Christine Denmead working on her major piece.

Earlier in the week I went to Qdos which stands in a sculpture park among tall Mountain Ash trees.

I went to see how this years firing was progressing. My students and I will create ikebana sculptural works to be exhibited with the ceramics from this years firing of the nine metre long anagama kiln. The kiln is fired for five days reaching temperatures in excess of 1300 degrees Centigrade. It will take a further week to cool enough before it can be opened.

In this photo you can see flames coming from the small viewing holes along the length of the kiln and in the chimney.

Because it is a such a huge task the firing is a collaborative exercise, Graeme Wilkie and his team of assistants have to keep the kiln at a constant temperature night and day. 

This photo is looking into the firebox of the kiln. (I kept thinking of Dante's Inferno.)

This is Graeme in front of the kiln on the fourth day of firing.

In this weeks ikebana I have used arum lilies and vine in a large bowl by Graeme Wilkie.

Greetings from Christopher

14th September 2013


  1. Great pictures of the kiln. Feels like I've been part of the firing too. Impressive!

  2. Dear Lennart,
    I'm glad you have enjoyed the photos of the firing. Next week will be even more exciting with the kiln opening.