On Monday evening last, my colleague Helen Quarrell and I conducted a demonstration for the Friends of the Geelong Botanic Gardens. (If you scroll down the right hand side of their facebook page there are some photos of our demonstration.) This event was in conjunction with the month long combined exhibition of Botanical Art and Ikebana at the Wintergarden Gallery in Geelong. We were privileged to gather materials from the garden for the eight works we made for the demonstration. The photos below are a bit blurred as they were taken with a phone camera.

Here I am demonstrating the significance of 'in' (negative) and 'yo' (positive) leaf surfaces in ikebana using monstera leaves.  

Below Helen arranging salvia.

A general view of the room with six ikebana works.

For the on-going exhibition at the Wintergarden gallery new ikebana was created on Thursday.

Nola Bird arranged dianella (longifolia?)a native blue flower, identity uncertain. 

Ellie Welkamp used purple dendrobium orchids in an upright arrangement

The subject of Christine Denmead's work is the Fatsia Japonica leaves that she teamed with Strelitzia flowers.

I have re-created the work from the demonstration using Mahonia-sp from the Geelong Botanical Gardens.

Greetings from Christopher
26th October 2013

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  1. Great demo! I also saw some pics on Facebook. Looked like you were doing a really good job. I especially like the Monstera arrangement and would have loved to hear you explain the in and yo of leaf surfaces.