This week  we have again changed our arrangements using materials that are the subject of the botanical art on the walls of the Wintergarden gallery. Christine Denmead chose this rose as her principal material and teamed it with pine. This is an auspicious combination in ikebana because of the long flowering period of roses and the pine is significant because it is a long-lived evergreen.

This next work is by Ellie Welkamp and features a stem of dark red cymbidium orchids contrasted with a paler pink orchid placed within the arrangement. The black bamboo provides a contrasting structure of straight lines.

Helen Quarrell has made an arrangement with strong vertical movement using New Zealand flax from her own garden.

The work below is by Nola Bird and features fig from my garden. I am afraid I did not photograph it well. If you look closely at the leaf on the lower left you will see there is a fruit in front of the leaf.

The material I chose is the seed pod of a hakea which I have massed and contrasted with some hakea leaves. The vase is by Graeme Wilkie.

Greetings from Christopher
18th October 2013

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