During this last week I attended a workshop / meeting of Ikebana International in Melbourne at which Thea Satori gave a demonstration of Chabana arrangements. Below are three of her examples.

The next example is of an arrangement intended to be placed outside at an entrance to welcome guests, also by Thea. The material is an Australian native geranium.

In the morning before the workshop I gathered some Jasmine and have arranged it in a bottle-shaped vase made by James Beeston.

There are more images on the Ikebana International Melbourne Chapter blog.

My students and I have changed our work at  for week two of the Wintergarden Botanical Art Exhibition. We have used materials that are to be found in the art work.  I thought I would include a photo of my arrangement of last week with the flowers opened. 

This week Christine Denmead chose lemon as her material. As you can see this branch had both fruit and flowers. The vase is by Graeme Wilkie.

Nola Bird arranged wisteria in a cylindrical vase.

Ellie Welkamp arranged pelargonium - shrubland pet, (which has intensely fragrant foliage).

Helen Quarrell chose a pink protea as her subject.This vase is also by Graeme Wilkie.

In my arrangement I have used iceland poppies with the leaves of Tetrapanax, the so-called rice paper plant. I have deliberately contrasted the front and back of the leaves because of the interesting downy, pale green undersurface.  Both materials are in different paintings in the exhibition. The vase is from the Qdos Studio.

Scroll down to see last weeks Wintergarden exhibits.

Greetings from Christopher
11th October 2013


  1. Great works at the Wintergarden exhibition, and I LOVE the vases by Graeme Wilkie. Must get one of those one day!

  2. Thank you Lennart. I agree that Graeme's vases are rather special. This week I've discovered poppies are not the best choice for a week long ikebana. Regards, Christopher