The exhibition at the Wintergarden has been extended to the 5th November, so my students and I changed the works again last Thursday. Because there are 80 botanical paintings on the walls and a few extra unframed ones we have been able to choose new subject matter each of the last five weeks without repeating ourselves. This constant changing of the ikebana has aroused a good deal of interest among the visitors to the gallery.

Ellie Welkamp chose 'mandarins' as her subject and created this ikebana with them submerged in a glass vase to which she added two colour matched lilies.

Nola Bird arranged rose hips in a mass with some leaves and buds from the same bush.

Christine Denmead used banksia with new flowers and old seed cones still on the branch in a vessel by Graeme Wilkie.

Helen Quarrell made a moribana arrangement using artichokes with some purple flowering sage.

I have created an ikebana with a seasonally early flower of agapanthus, a bud and some of last years dried flower heads.

I used the old flower heads braced across the mouth of the bowl, made by Graeme Wilkie, to support the fresh flowers and allow a clear view of the water. In retrospect I think the bowl colour is too close to the dried flower heads and a black bowl would have had more impact.

Greetings from Christopher
2nd November 2013

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