Over the last couple of weeks I have been monitoring the growth of some sunflowers that I planted as seeds in the winter. This is the first time I have grown flowers from seed and the results have been quite delightful.

The photo below is of the same flower about a week later.

You can see by the next photo that the plants have grown as high as the top of the doors onto the terrace. I am hoping that I will be able to dry the flower heads for future use.

We also have a couple of highly fragrant broom shrubs in the garden that are just at the end of their blossoming. I used some for the first time in an ikebana class recently when my teacher asked us to make a spring arrangement. 

Initially I placed two groups of the broom standing upright. I decided that the result looked rather unimaginative so I then arranged them in a curve in the contrasting blue ceramic trough I was using. To give the the arrangement a little zing I added a small red geranium placed low within the mass of the broom flowers.

Greetings from Christopher
30th November 2013

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