Over the past week I have been enjoying postings by Lennart Persson on his Nordic Lotus blog and highly recommend them. He has managed to find a number of ikebana films on-line that are really interesting. You will need to scroll down to find them or click on the highlighted text below. The first (posted on 27th December), Art and the meaning of Ikebana made in 1973, is a general overview of the historical development of ikebana up to that time. The second, Ikebana (1956) features Sofu Teshigahara and will be of particular interest to Australians as Norman Sparnon is one of the students in a classroom scene about 8 1/2 minutes into the film. The third Ikebana: Flower Arrangement  features Kasumi Teshigahara. I really appreciate Lennart's thorough research and bringing this material to our attention.

This week's ikebana is a New Year arrangement using only Australian native flora from our garden. 

Banksia integrifolia, bursaria spinosa and meleluca hypericifolia. The ceramic vase is by Greg Daly.

With best wishes for a healthy and fulfilling New Year.
4th January 2014

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