This week I attended the first meeting of the Sogetsu School, Victorian Branch for 2014. Following our Annual General Meeting a workshop was conducted by Theresa Feile. You can see some photos from the workshop on the theme of Disassembling and Re-constructing Material (click on the highlighted text).

Yesterday there was some raucous noise outside and I took this photo through the bathroom window. This fairly large bird, a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, was feeding on the seedpods of the Yate in the garden. Fortunately it was not chewing on the window frames.

On Thursday I used the gently curving lines of some branches of the callistemon from our garden to demonstrate an upright arrangement for one of my new students. 

When I came home I decided to re-use the materials in a freestyle arrangement. I looked carefully again at the lines and realised that, in the vase I was going to use, they looked better placed on their side as they echoed the curve of the vase. I was also surprised that this rather stiff dry native material worked well with some small white roses. The ceramic vase is by Barry Singleton.

Greetings from Christopher
22nd February 2014

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