At the end of November last year I posted the photo, shown below, of an ikebana work using a succulent and 'unconventional material' created by Joan Norbury.

This week at the class with our teacher she showed me the photo below. She said the succulent arrangement had '...remained in that position (since the class) under a very wide eave and without the succulent receiving any water whatsoever…yet (it) continued developing and produced flower.'   

Here is the arrangement re-photographed last week, three months later without water. Some plants are amazingly resilient!

During the week I attended the first meeting of Ikebana International in Melbourne for this year. The theme for our exercise was 'Red Hot Tuesday', (click this link to the Ikebana International blog). In my interpretation of the theme I imagined the 45 degree Celsius, hot dry air of a couple of weeks ago that caused these Gymea leaves to burn. I have added a branch of driftwood from the beach and two orange flowers of Crocosmia Montbretia, an image of which can be seen on the lower right of the wikipedia page. The arrangement looks a bit odd as it is viewed from above. The vase is by Tom Cockram a ceramic artist from central Victoria.

Greetings from Christopher
16th February 2014

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