To continue last weeks floral theme, below is a photo of a bright orange corymbia in our neighbours garden that looked luminous in the bright sunshine yesterday.

We have had some very hot weather this summer with a week of days over 40 degrees Celsius a couple of weeks ago. Today it is 35 degrees C (95 Fahrenheit) in our garden. Below are two photos that I took yesterday afternoon of the near-by beach.


The summer in this part of Australia is hot and dry. So it is common for our gardens to look desiccated and wilted after such weather. Therefore it requires the growing of hardy plants as well as the use of mulch and appropriate watering for the garden to survive and look well.

This week I have tried to capture the feeling of the hot dry weather in my ikebana. I have used a piece of sun-bleached driftwood, some pale orange succulent flowers and a small amount of a hardy native cushion bush, leucophyta brownii that has beautiful silvery stems. If you look carefully at the bottom of the photo above you and see some growing on the cliff-face. 

Here it is growing in our garden.

"Summer days"

The cylindrical vase is by Jane Robertson from SouthAustralia.

Greetings from Christopher

2nd February 2014

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