Over the past week we have driven a further 3,219kilometres west beyond Adelaide, from where I made my last post, and have arrived at the house of friends in Denmark Western Australia. After driving through very flat semi-arid countryside it has been a surprise to discover that this southwestern corner of Western Australia is quite wet and our friends have a lush garden that includes these stands of large bamboo.

Which led to an impromptu project to make some nageire vases from the bamboo.

My attention was caught by one large stem that had an interesting zig-zag section. Having my drills and dowels from the Adelaide workshop with me I set to work and created this three piece freestyle vase.

Here it is with an arrangement of materials from our hosts garden

For more photos of our travels click on the blue highlighted text, Crossing the Nullarbor.

Greetings from Christopher

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  1. Very nice work! bit and piece we find in nature can be made into something beautiful and special...Love your Ikebana!