On Thursday we drove 758 kilometres westward from Torquay in Victoria to Adelaide in South Australia. A long journey taking 8 1/2 hours driving time. We are going to drive across this wide flat dry continent to Western Australia so I plan to post some photos next week of our travels. 

On Saturday I visited the South Australian Branch of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana for whom I conducted a workshop, attended by thirteen members, on the theme of 'fixing techniques' . I also gave a 'slideshow' presentation of the three months I spent in Tokyo as the recipient of the Norman and Mary Sparnon Endowment Scholarship. Below are some photos of my demonstration.  

This included two wiring techniques and the use of dowels. The next three photos are of the examples that I created in the demonstration. Each of the participants practised making and example of the first wiring technique.

The participants then chose the appropriate technique to create a small sculptural structure that was then incorporated into an arrangement in the afternoon  session.

The process of critique of the finished works.

Below is a selection of some of  finished works. The first is by Cherie who used a single bamboo skewer dowel.

Chris used wiring and suspended a small ceramic vase in her structure.

In her second piece Cherie used long dowels that held the sections of birch apart. Here intention was to then colour the dowels with a bright contrast.

Mary used bamboo skewers for her dowels.

Eleanore used two types of wiring techniques.

Maureen used dowels in milled wood.

Yvonne used dowels with sections of birch.

Lorelei used dowels made from bamboo skewers.

The photos above were kindly taken by Lorelei and Eleanore. I was amazed to meet Eleanore again who had been a student colleague of mine some decades ago when we were both at the beginning of our working lives. Unexpectedly united by our passion for ikebana.

The photo below is my demonstration piece using the first wiring technique.

Greetings from Christopher
2nd March 2014

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